In the foundation wing, our institute introduces them to the concept-based learning approach, which is required to crack competitive exams like Olympiads, NTSE, NSO, IMO, and Pre-RMO. SmartPrep Academy also focuses on providing them a strong foundation for JEE Adv. and NEET exams.

About the Course

4 Year Program For Class 8th Moving 9th Students

3 Year Program For Class 9th Moving 10th Students

2 Year Program For Class 10th Moving 11th Students

1 Year Program For Class 11th Moving 12th Students


Other Key Points:-​

  • Complete School and Competitive Preparation as per Board.

  • Complete Coverage For NCERT and Text Books.

  • Focus on Mental Ability.

  • Subjective Test Based on School Pattern.

  • Objective Test Based on Competitive Exam.

Teachers And Pedagogy:-​​

  • Doctorates, IITians and graduates from best engineering colleges as teachers.

  • Interesting and interactive classroom environment.

  • Each and every concept and chapter is taught in great detail.

  • Covering detailed theory and focus on basic concepts.

  • Building the concepts from very basic to high level.

  • Focus on making the student do things and getting results from them.

  • Discussion of assignments and tests in classes.

  • Coverage of NCERT and Boards.

  • Individual attention on student’s performance.

Study Material:-​​

  • Assignments – Contains homework questions to be solved regularly with the lectures.

  • Regular Dpp of each subject

  • Revision Booklet for each chapter

  • Complete Theory and Solved Examples.

  • Basic Objective Exercise.

  • Previous Year Board Assignments.

  • Subjective Board Pattern Exercise.

  • NTSE Based Assignments.

Class Schedule:-​

  • 3-4 days per week .

  • 2 Classes per day.

  • 12-16 hours of teaching every week.

  • Extra classes apart from regular teaching to focus on weak students and discussions and extra doubt classes.


  • Subjective Tests for Board Preparation.

  • Objective Test for NTSE Preparation.

  • Chapter wise Tests, Cumulative Syllabus Test.

  • Regular Online Tests.

  • Support for NTSE and Olympiad Tests.

Result Analysis:-​

  • Detailed Result analysis of each test.

  • Center Rank, Jharkhand Rank and All India Ranks.

  • Subject and Question Wise Analysis.

  • Detailed diagnostic report of each online test.