Why Choose Smartprep Academy?

Personalized attention to every student to push them to perform towards a Better Rank.

We are not the only the best coaching in Bokaro due to our best faculties, but due to our top results.
To give better and better result and All India Toppers in every competitive exams, we have started this special batch program Arete where the syllabus is covered well in advance to give the rankers an edge over others

01.  Regular Parent-Teacher Meetings

Since its inception, Smartprep has strongly believed in involving parents in the child's academics. Smartprep started the trend of Parents' Awareness Seminars and Parent Teacher Meetings in coaching institutes. It strongly believes in sharing the progress report of students with their parents and discussing their academic condition, so that appropriate steps can be taken to enhance the competency of the student. Teachers and parents meet one-on-one so that the same can be discussed and implemented for improving the student’s academics.

02.Focus on Slow Learners

Smartprep has believed in gradually raising a student’s level of understanding from very basic to beyond his/her true potential. As a part of this belief, Smartprep has always focused on slow-learning students. Such students are also taught how they can learn more easily and perform better in different kinds of exams.

03.Micro-Schedule, Content-Based Learning

Lectures are micro-scheduled, i.e., each topic is divided into sub topics so that each concept can be planned, taught to and learned by students according to their learning capability.

04.Doubt-Solving Sessions

Smartprep provides extra classes for each student so that they can clear their concepts after the regular classes. Such extra classes are called Doubt Sessions. Every student is eligible to avail these extra sessions.

05.Academic Counselling

Before examinations, students may feel the need for some guidance on time management, personal schedules/routines, test strategies, subject improvement techniques, etc. At Smartprep, the faculty personally guide students on the basis of their result analytics

06.Regular Motivational Lectures

Smartprep strongly believes that a strong and stable mind can help in achieving success. To facilitate the same, regular motivational sessions are arranged to strengthen the students’ mindset and keep them focused.

07.Board Preparations Made Easy

The understanding of all the concepts start from basics which are required for any competitive exam. Parents and students tend to fear that preparing for a competitive exam may shift their attention from board preparation or subjective analysis. At Smartprep, we lay emphasis on writing definitions, statements of laws and diagrams in the class and in the booklets. Subjective level tests are conducted right before the school exam in order for the child to get tuned up to writing the answers in a proper descriptive manner. The students are made to understand how to write and what to write based on marks allocated to questions asked.