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Introducing Data Science for the first time in India to Improve Performance of students in Classroom Coaching.

5 Students Only

Maximum 5 Students are selected for this batch to maintain a conducive environment for Toppers.

Olympiad Preparation

Olympiad based questions are practiced in the class for boost confidence level of students.

Separate Test Assessment

Test Papers for this Batch is separate from other batches with a higher level of difficulty

Very Early syllabus completion

Syllabus for any student enrolled from class 10 is completed till March - April of the next academic session in order to get a revision time of 9-12 months atleast.

Performance Analysis

Regular analysis and discussion of each Internal Test is done for this Batch.

Mentorship by Top Rankers

Mentorship by All India Topper in JEE MAIN - Kumar Satyadarshi and City Topper of Bokaro - Arvind Kr Sharma.

Arete Program

For Toppers Only

What Our Clients Say


Arvind Kr. Sharma

Teachers has continuously supported and pushed me for getting rank under 500. Syllabus comnpletion in Early September has provided me sufficient time for Revision which helped a lot in securing this Rank.

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