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Our Courses

Top IIT JEE  and NEET Coaching Institute In Jharkhand Region – The Best You Can Get

Smartprep Academy is a prestigious coaching institute where we strengthen the capabilities of students allowing them to excel in the competitive examination. The institute was established in 2016 Bokaro Steel City. In India, the education system is different from the rest of the world in a way that burdens students and prompts them to take it as a hassle. But, Smartprep Academy, the top IIT JEE  and NEET coaching institute in India destroys this age-old perception and provides students with easy learning. The Institute came into existence to provide a concrete launchpad for the IIT JEE and NEET  endeavoring students by imparting the best IIT  and NEET coaching in Bokaro. To realize this vision, we worked thoroughly and today it ranks among the top academies catering to a multitude of students.

Crack IIT JEE and NEET And Touch The Sky Heights


Smartprep Academy, the top IIT JEE  and NEET institute offers a robust coaching in Bokaro, which results in producing world-class engineers and technologists. What makes us immensely happy is to see the brilliance that students show towards their career. Students come here with the burning flame to shine like a Sun and we ensure to fan the flames to make an indelible mark on their career. A quality-driven JEE main and advanced coaching in Bokaro is highly in demand. We arm our students with the weapons of practical knowledge and chisel their proficiency which only leads them on the path of success.

Our well-qualified faculty has all the tabs on the latest trends to craft a well-updated study material. The course is the backbone and while constructing it, we pay sheer attention to both the theoretical and practical concepts. In addition to this, Smartprep Academy believes in conducting interactive study sessions and doubt sessions to bridge the gap of communication. Each and every student gets personal attention because Smartprep, the best  IIT JEE  and NEET  coaching institute in Bokaro believes that every student has his own set of potential which only needs nourishment to succeed. Are you ready to board the plane of success taking you above the thermosphere?

Teachers And Pedagogy


  • IITians and graduates from best engineering colleges as teachers

  • Interesting and interactive classroom environment

  • Each and every concept and chapter is taught in great detail

  • Covering detailed theory and focus on basic concepts

  • Building the concepts from very basic to high level

  • Doing lot of solved examples and doubt sessions in class during the lecture

  • Focus on making the student do things and getting results from them

  • Discussion of assignments and tests in classes

  • Coverage of NCERT and Boards

  • Individual attention on student’s performance


  • DPP(Daily Practice Problems)- Contains homework questions to be solved regularly with the lectures

  • Revision Booklet for each chapter)

    • Complete Theory and Solved Examples

    • Basic Objective Exercise

    • Previous year JEE Main exercise

Technology And Facilities


  • Free Access to Youtube Channel Videos

    • Classroom Recorded Lectures

  • Free Access to Online Testing Portal.


  • Regular Batches



JEE Main and Advanced Batch

  • 4 days a week classes

  • 3 Classes per day

  • 18 hours of teaching every week

  • Extra classes apart from regular teaching to focus on weak students and discussions




Schedule- Fortnightly Tests

  • JEE Main and JEE Advanced Pattern Tests

  • Subjective(Boards) and Objective Tests

  • Chapter Wise Tests, Cumulative Syllabus Tests and Full Tests

  • Center Wise tests and common tests with Smartprep Ranchi and Patna.

  • Regular Online Tests.

  • Aspire: Revision Test Series for all batches

    • 3month Revision test series

    • Part tests and Revision Classes

    • Full Tests and Revision Test Series

  • Support for KVPY and Olympiad Tests Online BITS Test Series

  • JEE Main and Advanced Online Test Series

Result Analysis

  • Detailed Result analysis of each test

  • Center Rank and All India Ranks

  • Subject and Question Wise Analysis

  • Detailed diagnostic report of each online test

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